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27th annual Miracle Balloon campaign at Publix rings up record results!

Publix employees and customers recently wrapped up their 27th annual Miracle Balloon campaign, raising a record $5,655,244 million for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

From May 31 to June 16, Publix miracle makers sold CMN Hospitals’ Miracle Balloon coupons at the register to generous customers. The coupons cost $1, $3 and $5 and offered values of $5.50, $10 and $20 respectively on a variety of products with all donations going to a local CMN Hospital.

Donations help kids like Nate, whose family shops at Publix regularly.

“Her name is Miss Janice and she has been a cashier at our local Publix as long as we have been shopping there,” explains Nate’s mom Amber. “Right after Nate got out of the hospital last week, our first stop was Publix to grab a couple of things we needed. Right before this photo, Janice told Nate that he looked like he felt a whole lot better than he had the last time she saw him. After going through her checkout line several times a month for years, you feel a connection to that person even if you don’t know them well.”

A total of 1,187 Publix stores participated in the fundraiser benefitting 27 member hospitals. Funds raised during the 17-day campaign effort will help hospitals in communities where Publix operates procure life-saving equipment and provide research, education and outreach programs. Nationally, the stores surpassed their fundraising total by 8 percent over 2017.

Since 1992, Publix has raised more than $49 million for the nonprofit.



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