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Father's Day BBQ on the Books? Get Everything You Need at Publix and Help Kids Treated at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Shopping for dad this weekend? You can help kids like London when shopping at Publix

When five-month-old London’s mom saw her lying with her eyes fixed upward and breathing very slowly, the family rushed to the local emergency room. Doctors quickly put London on a ventilator and arranged a flight to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, where she was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis, a dangerous infection of the spinal fluid.

London was immediately put on antibiotics, but her parents could only wait and see if their baby girl would survive. After a couple of days, London began to respond and soon came off the ventilator. It would take time to discern if there would be lasting effects from the meningitis, especially because London was so young.

As soon as she began to feel better, London’s smiles and personality showed through. Despite losing hearing in one ear, she is thriving. This Miracle Child’s parents happily report that London is bright, engaged at preschool and a joy to those around her.

Now through July 1st, Publix shoppers can purchase a $1, $3, and $5 Miracle Balloon coupon, with savings from your favorite products to help support more miracles. Publix has been a proud partner of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals since 1999 and last year raised over $630,000 for our kids at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Thanks in advance for your support–on behalf of the kids treated at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, we’re wishing all the dads a safe and Happy Father’s Day!


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