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Thank You Publix!

We are so excited to see one of our patients, Caden, featured in Publix Super Markets across metro Atlanta. Thank you Publix and Publix customers for helping kids like Caden!

Caden had some early health hurtles as an infant, but overall he was a happy, thriving 11-year old boy.

There was no sign of a problem–until the day he stopped breathing.

His twin brother, Coooper, rushed to Caden’s side in gym class. He told the teachers performing CPR that Caden’s heart caused him to collapse. The school nurse had to shock Caden’s heart with an automated external defibrillator (AED) five times to get a slight pulse and he was without oxgen for almost 10 minutes. He had suffered cardiac arrest.

At Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Caden’s parents learned the severity of their son’s condition. They expected the worse–brain damage, kidney and liver damage. But the ventilator came out six days later. He passed all neurological tests, and his liver and kidneys returned to normal. The Cherry family was thrilled their son was live.

Caden had a defibrillator and pacemaker implanted to help regulate the rhythm of his heart, and just eight days after arriving at Children’s unconscious, Caden returned home.

Today, Caden sees his Children’s cardiologist regularly, but he has no limitations. His family is now paying back their miracle by doing something positive, educating others in their community about the importance of learning CPR and how to use an AED.

This past year, Publix and their incredible customers raise dmore than $834,000 benfiting Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta! This money directly benefits kids in our community just like Caden. Thank you so much to Publix for working so hard to help our kids!